The IEEE Consultants’ Network of San Diego (IEEE/CNSD) is comprised of independent technology consultants who are specialists in all forms of electronics, communications, chip design, computer software, defense technology, electro-mechanical hardware, power systems, new product development, quality assurance, reliability, technology management, business consulting, business development, and intellectual property law.

Because San Diego is considered a world center for Aerospace, RF, Defense and Communications Systems technology, you’ll find a number of our members are conversant in these areas.


The network is rebuilding after the pandemic. There are lots of ways to participate. We have many events throughout the year scheduled. Anyone is welcome at our events. If you are looking to hire a consultant send us a detailed description of the expertise you are looking to find and we will try and match one of our members to your needs. If we do not have someone with the expertise you need, we may be able to help you find the expertise somewhere else in other IEEE Consultants’ Networks.

Contact us for more information via e-mail:

Keep up to date on the IEEE/CN of San Diego. Our e-mail list is used for announcements about upcoming Network Events. We also post items of interest to our LinkedIn page.

Learn about all of the IEEE Societies in San Diego. The IEEE San Diego Section website has contact information on all 32 local societies and chapters. See more details.

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