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Our consultant members are qualified professionals with the technical credentials and work history necessary to deliver the highest quality of work. They have years of experience in their chosen disciplines and are viewed by the industry and their peers as experts.

Many CNSD consultants have worked directly with government agencies and contractors, so you can trust that they've passed numerous background and security clearance checks. They're trustworthy and reliable.

Many have worked globally...Asia, Europe, the Middle East. If you need a consultant with a global perspective, you'll find one in our network.


Each consultant in our Network is an independent contractor. Each has their own technical expertise. To find the consultants within our group who best meet the needs of your project, go to the Consultants page of this website and search by keyword. The consultants who meet your criteria will be displayed.

Once you've reviewed their profiles and individual websites, you may contact them by email or phone as indicated in their profile. We always recommend that you interview several to determine the right fit for your organization. Some commonly asked questions include:

  • What is their experience as it relates to your project and the size of your company?
  • How do they bill for their time?
  • What are the typical terms of contract with similar projects?
  • Will any of the work on your project be delegated to other company employees or personnel in their office?
  • Will they need access to other employees of your organization?
  • Can they travel for meetings if necessary?
  • Do they have client references they can provide you?

After your interview, it's recommended that you verify the consultant's experience and speak with their client references. If they're a member of the San Diego Better Business Bureau, information on their company may be found on the BBB website. Then you choose whom you feel is the best consultant for your company and project.

Please note that neither the IEEE San Diego Section, the CNSD, nor its members are liable for the performance of any consultant selected for your project.




After you've made your decision on which Consultant you want to work on your project, it's time to contract with them.

Some companies have standard consultant contracts they use, others do not. If you don't have an example of a contract, ask the Consultant for an example of a contract they've completed that contains a similar Scope of Work you are asking them to provide. You can then customize the contract to your agreed upon terms and timeline.

Remember, Consultants will typically charge by the hour, by the project (flat fee), or be compensated by commissions based on sales if they are acting in that capacity for you. If travel is involved in the project, clearly indicate any company policy with regard to travel reimbursement for Consultants.

Make sure you've agreed to payment schedules (monthly, quarterly, per deliverable) and let the Consultant know if they only need to invoice you or set up a purchase order process with your purchasing/accounting department.

If you feel your project requires the Consultant sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), consult with your legal advisor regarding the necessary content of this NDA.